Tips if You Plan to Buy and Grow Your Own Live Salvia Plants

by buysalvia

While it’s great to buy salvia online, it may not always be available and a lot of people are looking at growing their own salvia at home. To get started, you need to decide whether you want to try this with salvia seeds or a live salvia plant. While one may be cheaper, the other actually works better.salvia plant 300x257 Tips if You Plan to Buy and Grow Your Own Live Salvia Plants

So you are planning to no longer buy salvia online and grow your own salvia divinorum. There are two ways to start growing salvia – either with salvia seeds or cuttings. Take care to dry the salvia seeds thoroughly and then plant them about a few millimeters deep. Also, you need to be careful while watering the seeds as if the soil turns soggy, salvia seeds may not sprout well. If you opt for growing salvia divinorum through cuttings, it is a better alternative though more expensive. This way of growing salvia is more common and, though you are spending a bit more money at the outset, you have less risk and less time to wait for the final product.  You will need to get the cuttings from below the nodes of the mother salvia plant.

After ensuring the same, salvia divinorum need to be placed in glasses filled with water. Roots form within 2 weeks and then you have to plant the grow salvia Tips if You Plan to Buy and Grow Your Own Live Salvia Plantssalvia in soil (preferably indoors). Take care before you buy salvia seeds or live salvia plants that you purchase it from a reliable provider. If the salvia seeds or cuttings you brought are not good, all your efforts will go in vain. And once you plant salvia divinorum, you need to feed the plant daily. Start fertilizing after a month. Remember that both over fertilizing and over feeding will not give you the expected results. Salvia plant stems require support after a while. Sunlight exposure should not be more than four hours per day. If you are able to provide a humid atmosphere the overall growth of salvia divinorum would be faster and better.

So, now your salvia plants are ready to be harvested. Learn to pluck the leaves from their bases but do not pinch the tissue that makes new leaves grow. When the plant has grown large enough, you can trim or cut the plants. Cutting should be made near the node. You need to be careful here, too. So, with a little patience and care anyone can grow salvia divinorum. Wait no more, buy salvia seeds or cuttings and grow them on your own.

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