The Legal Status of Salvia in the U.S. and Around the World

by buysalvia

As with any substance that starts to get some “press”, as has been the case with Salvia, government will soon step in and make decisions on behalf of it’s citizens whether they want it to or not.  Concerns of parents and others have fueled the fire here and the countless ridiculous videos that are being posted on YouTube aren’t helping (knock it off guys).

As it stands right now, Salvia Divinorum in all of it’s forms remains largely LEGAL in a majority of countries and states.  There have even been quite a few bills proposed in various locales that have failed to gain enough support to pass in to law.  Some places do have regulations in place as to who is allowed to buy salvia and for what purpose they may have it in their possession.

So, what’s the score you ask?  Well, let’s start with the United States.    U.S. States that have regulations in place classifying Salvia Divinorum as a Schedule I drug are:

States where it is only Legal to possess Salvia when not intended for “Human Consumption” are:

Legal for Adults Only:

In the UK, there have been several parliamentary motions to ban being able to buy salvia and possess it but all have been unsuccessful.  Canada actually has laws on the books that prohibit the sale of products containing Salvinorin A without the “approval of Health Canada”, which seems unlikely.   However, to date, these laws have not been enforced and Salvia is still readily sold just about everywhere.

The countries with the strictest regulations with regards to Salvia – meaning it’s just plain Banned – forget about it – are:

Finally, If you want to Possess Salvia but not Sell it, you can do so in Chile and Spain.  If you want to Possess it but not Grow it, that’s ok in Russia.   Countries where Salvia is treated as a medicinal herb that requires a doctor’s prescription are: Finland, Iceland and Norway.

Of course, this is all subject to change by next week.  You can count on it.  This is just a current state of the legal status as of early 2011.  Of more importance, if you haven’t tried Salvia yet, do it now.  If you’re going to buy salvia online, only buy from reputable dealers on you’ll end up with old stock and waste your time and money.  When you’re ready to get started (don’t wait too long – see above), check out our Salvia Reviews for the best salvia on the market.

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