The Different Sorts of Salvia Extracts That You Can Buy

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Salvia divinorum is a plant that can induce dissociative effects and other hallucinatory experiences. It is only found in the Sierra Mazateca forest of Mexico, and is highly prized in the market for its psychoactive effects.

Salvia divinorum is a kind of sage and there are over 1,000 species of this plant. One of its close relatives in the Salvia genus is the mint plant, which is commonly used as ingredients in foods and other oral products. While there are hundreds of species, only the Salvia divinorum has the psychoactive dissociative and hallucinatory effects.

Different Kinds of Salvia divinorumsalvia extracts 300x198 The Different Sorts of Salvia Extracts That You Can Buy

While this is the only kind of Salvia divinorum that has psychoactive effects, there are many ways in which the plant is presented for the market. These differ in the quality of the leaves, mostly in the freshness and how much extracts and active ingredients are preserved within them, and the drying process.

You can also differentiate the different qualities of Salvia divinorum sold in the market or the Internet by the method they are grown. Some expert growers use Vermiculite or else Perlite as soil additives, which make the leaves of the Salvia divinorum more abundant, healthier, greener, and give more salvia extracts. You want those Salvia divinorum grown with special care because they provide maximum psychoactive effects and yield more leaves.

Kinds of Salvia divinorum According to Drying Process

The drying process will also have a lot to do with the quality of Salvia divinorum you will get. It is difficult to buy Salvia that is good quality, which is why you need to know how good ones are made. There are six popular methods in drying the Salvia divinorum leaves, and these will all result in different kinds of Salvia divinorum for your use. The methods are:

Overall, these drying methods produce differnet tastes and qualities of Salvia divinorum leaves. You can buy Salvia online or through friends you know who are growing the plant.

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