Some Salvia Divinorum Myths

by buysalvia

The application of salvia divinorum is growing by the day all over the world. The herb’s capacity to open the doorway to immense spiritual proficiencies has fascinated a majority of people that are inquisitive about their associations to this universe and yonder. Even though the usage of salvia is increasing by leaps and bounds, there is relatively a bit of distortion regarding salvia effects. As such, the article aims at dispelling some of these salvia divinorum myths.image33 245x300 Some Salvia Divinorum Myths

  1. Salvia is lawful. This is not entirely true. Presently, salvia is lawful in virtually every nation and in forty three of the fifty states in the US. This should not be interpreted to mean that it will stay like this eternally. Over the last couple of years, there have been numerous legislative efforts to make salvia a controlled drug. Since salvia is permissible to buy, it is not that easy to purchase it from an online distributor.
  2. Masticating and smoking salvia generates similar effects. Given that the body’s gastric juices kills the psychoactive compound in salvia, persons who take it orally have to keep it in their mouths and masticate it periodically so that it can have an effect on the body. In comparison to smoking salvia, masticating the herb generates a much slight effect.
  3. Smoking the herbs leaves can lead to an altered state of awareness. Whereas in most cases this is true, the leaves contain minimal concentrations of psychoactive components. To truly feel salvia effects, it is important that you buy a concentrate form of the herb and smoke it.
  4. Salvia is the modern day cannabis sativa. In reality, salvia and cannabis sativa have very little in common. Foremost, cannabis sativa is illegal in nearly all countries. Secondly, the psychoactive structures in the two plants are totally dissimilar. Thirdly, cannabis sativa is regarded by most people as a recreational substance, whereas salvia is normally taken with specific goal of spiritual arousal. Unlike cannabis sativa, consuming salvia is basically an individual experience; it is not in any way a recreational drug. Furthermore, the ultimate effects of smoking salvia basically last for only between five to thirty minutes.
  5. Salvia is not only addictive, but also bad for your health. There has been an extensive research being carried out on salvia, and there is no documented proof that shows that the herb is addictive. Even though it is prohibited for pregnant and nursing mothers, and most definitely for children, the herb has not shown any long-term health side-effects.
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