Some of the Medicinal Uses of Salvia

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Salvia is defined as the largest genus in the Lamiaceae mint family. It has around 700 to 1000 known species of shrubs, herbaceous and perennial plants, as well as annual. Salvia is said to have some medicinal effects as well. Off all the species of salvia, the most infamous of salvia divinorum 200x300 Some of the Medicinal Uses of Salviathese is salvia divinorum or more popularly known as the diviner’s sage. This species of salvia is notorious for having hallucinogenic properties and its legalization has been the subject of debate.
Despite its controversial status salvia divinorum has made some doctors see its potential in becoming a therapeutic miracle. They believe that there may be some derivatives made that can be used to combat against diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, schizophrenia, and even AIDS and HIV.
Other sages (salvia species) also have various uses in the therapeutic department and are classified into 2 categories: 1) the aromatic sages and 2) the non aromatic sages. The latter however does not have any medicinal properties.
The salvia effects for the aromatic sages are the strengthening of the lungs. Consuming it as tea will prevent coughs. Cold tea stops sweating, while warm tea induces sweating. Cold and hot teas will also either stop or enhance the production of milk.

The white sage or salvia apiana is considered to be a very strong general anti-inflammatory. It can be used both as tea or tincture. So as you can see these little leaves can be used for more than just basic gardening designs. Imagine being able to grow these medical wonders and savor the nice salvia effects they offer. This shows that even tiny leaves growing in our surroundings can have huge effects. Whether be it salvia divinorum with its controversial legacy or salvia sclarea, you can bet your bottom dollar that these little plants will truly do wonders for you.  If you are not sure where to start or where to go to buy salvia, check out our salvia reviews page to get started now.

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