Guide to Salvia Extracting at Home

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The product Salvia Divinorum is obtained from the sage plant and people tend to ingest the salvia extract as it is supposed to give a person a high.  There are different ways of taking the product.  They may either be ingested by smoking it or one can even drink it.  The salvia extract is placed on the tongue; however it is important that the person take it in the right quantities so that there are no unnecessary side effects.  If the liquid is taken in excess quantities, it may lead to burning of the mouth or tongue and can also lead to pain and peeling of the tongue skin.  Ideally, one should smoke it as it is expensive.

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Will power – Handling Salvia Divinorum

It calls for a lot of willpower to handle Salvia extract, if you have stable mind set and want to have an altogether different experience, then you can try out this extract.   There are different ways of getting the salvia extract and one can try out the same at home.

Boiling, straining the leaves of Salvia Divinorum


Health benefits of Salvia Extract

There are some health benefits of the salvia extract as well.  It is supposed to be effective in treating sleep disorders, chronic pain, alcohol addiction, schizophrenic patients and so on.  The interesting part is that it is non -addictive and non toxic in nature and has been very effective in treatment of psychotherapy.


Salvia Divinorum in capsule form is like a medicinal supplement and it has therapeutic and other health benefits. If you are comfortable chewing the leaves of the plant, then it is very good and you need to hold the juice in your mouth for sometime before gulping it down. The positive benefits of salvia extract are simply superb.  Behavioural disorders have been treated with the Salvia extract.  Patients suffering from chronic depression and stress, anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction have also been successfully treated.    The herb is definitely non addictive in nature and a safe analgesic and antidepressant.


Salvia Divinorum has become quite popular as an effective drug and it definitely lends a high when taken in small quantities, however, it is not addictive in nature.  It is smoked by some and chewed by some.  The feeling is good and you obviously will not be carried away by having it.

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