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Salvia (Salvia divinorum) is a psychoactive plant with dissociative properties of Salvia genus to which it belongs and the garden tea (Salvia officinalis).

The best Salvia is used for millennia by shamans in Mexico, due to its strong influence on the mind. The main psychoactive ingredient called Salvinorin A. More power can be compared to LSD and mushrooms, but there’s another type of effect on the nervous system and as components and flow of “journey” is related more to do with too powerful sensations caused by DMT and ayahuasca.
The plant is considered by chewing, smoking or as a tincture. Effects range from laugh and euphoria to strongly altered states of consciousness. The durability of the effect of smoking is very short, a few minutes astronomical time. The subjective experiences could be “infinite”, and very dependent on the concentration of the plant. The market has Salvia – 5 to Sage – 35, the number indicates how many grams of “ordinary” Salvia equals concentrate. Namely concentrate is the most common cause of over-intensive experiences.

The plant is not toxic and its use does not cause addiction.


Salvia is more than a meter high plant with a hollow stem, big leaves and white flowers. Unlike the other members of the genus Salvia, the plant produces a small number of seeds which germinate rarely.

The best Salvia is rare in nature, where it grows freely, and therefore has been suggested that this type of Salvia is grown and used by Mexican Indians. The plant is considered to be a hybrid, although its parent species are not detected.

Conditional effects of the use of the plant are divided into pleasant, neutral and unpleasant.

Pleasant effects:

• Short duration (when smoked)
• A radical change of perspective
• Increased sense of aesthetics and sensuality
• Creative, dreamlike experiences
• insight into personal issues

Neutral effects:

• Powerful hallucinations in open and closed eyes
• Total change in consciousness (as with most psychoactive substances)
• Changed perceptions
• Changes in body temperature, flushing
• Physical sensations of pressure, wind
• Feeling passage into other dimensions in alternate realities
• Sense of presence or contact with another being
• Dissociation (loss of connection between the body consciousness and personality) – in higher doses

Unpleasant effects:

• Heavy smokers experience
• Fear, terror and panic
• Heavy sweating
• Difficulty in integrating experiences
• Higher doses may result in an inability to control muscles and maintaining balance – there are cases of falls
• Mild to moderate headache which generally starts after resolution effects

During smoking, the effects of the use of the best Salvia usually occur very quickly. The first of these is felt after 20 to 60 seconds, peaked within 1-2 minutes. Initial effects last between 5 and 15 minutes, and then have a period of remission from 20-40 minutes before using ecstasy to return to its original state.
It’s not proved Salvia to cause physical dependence, and is not likely to lead to mental one. No evidence of withdrawal symptoms after discontinuation of use. But as with most psychoactive substances, some people used it more often, even if you do not feel very comfortable about. There is no evidence that use of Salvinorin A leads to an increase in tolerance.

Legal status

Currently, countries that have some form of control on the plant are: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Norway. Also, control / ban exists in the some U.S. States. In most countries around the world Salvia divinorum and its main substance are not declared illegal.

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