Emotional and Physical Effects of Using Salvia Divinorum

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Salvia divinorum is a perennial plant common in lush, fertile and even remote mountainous areas in Mexico. It is very common in Oaxaca region and has been used in various rituals by spiritual leaders and the Shaman community. Spiritual leaders have always used the herb in elevating and increasing self-awareness of their followers. This has led to the belief by many people that Salvia divinorum has magical powers. Many people also consider it sacred and have cultivated it for centuries believing that it has strong healing powers.

Salvia effectssalvia divinorum Emotional and Physical Effects of Using Salvia Divinorum

Salvia effects are very powerful. They include the psychological effects of assortment. They can be pleasant and even overpowering at times. A person who consumes this plant may experience drastic emotions that may include losing of one self and even feeling twisting, rotating or turning sensations. In some instances, consumers of Salvia divinorum have reported feeling self dislodged from the human body.

There are also consumers who encounter absence of self once they consume this herb. Understanding the stages of hallucinations experienced when one consumes the herb is also difficult. Although this plant has been used in healing processes, it can make the user confused completely and generate hysterical feelings. It is a very strong drug that can result in very severe physical and emotional effects if not used properly.

Before using any kind of a substance, it is very important to know about all the effects of it because you need to prepare yourself mentally so that you can avoid any kind of a surprise. Not only that, you can definitely make an informed decision by knowing about several aspects of those effects and the duration of the effects of the substance. If you are really looking for a new kind of a thrill, then you are definitely in for one. Many people really enjoy the effects of this drug and this is the reason why it has become quite popular in the recent days. On the other side of the coin, you will not actually have any kind of a problem with this drug. So, make sure that you plan a particular day to try it out but make sure that you have your close friends along with you so that they would help you out if you really feel lazy. Not only that, it will definitely enhance the experience when you have your friends around you to share the experience.

Sometimes, one may have a feeling of laziness after consuming this drug. This is because the Salvia effects on the body’s coordination can be very severe. One might look lazy after consuming the drug. There are also consumers who have trouble speaking. Salvia effects include unclear speech mode. Thus, consumers produce a speech that is slurred with incorrect in the sentence formation.

There are also people who experience an increased heartbeat and a rise in the overall body temperature. However, majority of these effects of Salvia divinorum will disappear within thirty to forty five minutes.

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