About Salvinorin A – The Active Alkaloid in Salvia Divinorum

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Salvinorine A is the main molecule in salvia divinorum, a sage that belongs to the family of the Labiatae. There are about 1000 sorts of sages worldwide, and it is the only kind that can create hallucinations.

In contrast to other natural drugs that contain alkaloids, Salvinorine is a diterpene. Chemically seeing this is a very big difference, and it also has an advantage: salvinorine A can not be detected with a urine test. What makes Salvinorine unique and popular is the power: from 250 micrograms you can feel the effects of the substance, and 1 milligram will bring very powerful effects. It is therefore known to be a cheap drug, notice that you can buy 12,5 milligram Salvia for $13. There is a possibility that salvinorine contains other psychoactive substances as Valdes III suggests. He discovered that a substance named divinorine C is active on a lower dose, but this has not been confirmed yet.SalvinorinAstructure About Salvinorin A   The Active Alkaloid in Salvia Divinorum

The reason why salvinorin A has a psychoactive function is unknown, but there are some things known about the neurological functions. Salvinorin A is a strong kappa-opioid receptor agonist. This means that it binds itself to a specific group of proteins that will become actively stimulated. This creates a hallucinogenic state of consciousness, the main reason why salvinorin is used. Opiates such as morfine are also opioid receptor agonists, but the difference with salvinorin A is that the opiates create both kappa as mu receptors. These drugs therefore have a strong influence on mu-receptors and a low influence on the kappa-receptors. That is why it creates a mildly hallucinogenic effect. Salviorin A is a selective kappa-agonist, and is therefore not addictive.

The Salvia itself can give several effects. Salvia is definitely not a party drug though, most users will experience a relaxed and personal hallucinogenic experience. For some people the effects of Salvia will become stronger after they have used it multiple times. They get more sensitive for the drug and will experience a higher trip level. Others say that their experience became less over time. If you use Salvia for the first time, it is wise to begin with a small dose to test your sensitivity.

The duration of a Salvia trip can vary. If smoked, as done often, the effects are sensible after a short time and reach their peak after 5 to 25 minutes. The effects disappear quickly, but they can still be lightly sensible after some hours. If taken orally, by drinking or chewing that is, the effects will be sensible for a bit later but will be effective for longer. The effects reach their peak after 60 to 120 minutes and will then vanish.

Salvia divinorum is currently legal in a lot of countries, such as Canada, Holland and most states in the US. According to tons of people, Salvia is a drug that can be used responsibly and safe. Salvinorin A and other substances in the plant are not addictive and do not form a risk for health and safety. Of course you should still use the drug in moderation.

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